Welcome to Armada Business Park - an exceptional place, located in a historic setting of Księży Młyn in Łódź, second biggest city in Poland

The investment received the main prize in the "Modernization of the Year 2000" competition and is the first of many construction projects currently implemented in former textile empire of Karol Scheibler.

Today, in the headquarters building of the V Fire Department of Scheibler's factory, there are offices for rent.


Take a look at the offer of rental space in Armada Business Park.


A piece of history... How did the fire station look and function during its best years?

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Armada Business Park is a B+ class renovated building with a total area of 1295,60 m²

For our tenants we offer:

  • 80 m² on the 1st floor
  • Spacious car park
  • Air-conditioned Building
  • Estate protection
  • Kitchen, reception
  • Logical network, telecommunications connections

We believe that no words can describe what you can see for yourself so why don't you visit us? The unique atmosphere of the building and its surroundings makes the Armada Business Park an interesting place for meetings.

If you have any questions or suggestions about establishing cooperation, please use the "Contact".

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About us

Armada Business Park is a company thanks to which the lost splendor of industrial Księży Młyn was regained.

For the purposes of commercial office investor adapted built in 1891, designed by Hilary Majewski, building of Karol Scheibler's factory fire brigade. Every effort was made to restore this nineteenth-century monument saving its unique significance such as renovating an old English steam engine standing in front of the building which supplied the water network - a technical monument. In the complex there are many elements preserved from the original design of the former firehouse so the climate would be unrepeatable and putting into a good mood.

Together with St. Paul’s Developments Polska, Armada has revitalized the historic building of Fire Department. The project won the main award in the "Modernization of the Year 2000" competition and gave rise to a numerous investments in the area of the former textile empire of Karol Scheibler.

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Karol Wilhelm Scheibler (born September 1, 1820 in Monschau, Rhine, died April 13, 1881 in Lodz) was the founder of huge industrial empire, which consisted of a group of buildings so called The Central for the Water Market (now Victory Square), a complex of Księży Młyn and buildings along current Tymienieckiego St. and reaching Piotrkowska St.

In 1876, after a series of fires in factory buildings in Lodz, from the initiative of a group of industrialists in Lodz, the first Volunteer Fire Brigade was established. The unit, which initially consisted of 50 firefighters, was kept from compulsory contributions paid by property owners. It was organized together with the company's guards in a single structure, acting in close consultation.

June 20, 1884. In Scheibler's company the factory fire brigade was created – V Factory Department at Scheibler's Factory. This necessary, yet innovative decision has been implemented by Karol Scheibler junior. In 1891 the fire brigade headquarter was built on 30 Tymienieckiego St. (then 30 Emilia St.).

Factory Department was required to operate in fighting with fire throughout the city and working closely with the general offices. Signal heralding the outbreak of the fire was coming from the siren placed on the tower of the building.

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Our address details

Armada Business Park Sp. z o.o.
30a Tymienieckiego Street
90-350 Lodz, Poland
tel: +48 42 677 55 00, +48 42 677 55 10
email: biuro@armada.pl

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